Saturday, January 5, 2008

Dala Uleng's Wedding..

Urhm Urhmm.. No rain, No storms, I was so shocked, literally to find out that Andi Dala Uleng, the Tomb Raider's Lara Croft of International Relations: Dictator 03 Unhas was going to be married.. I was like (when Muthia Pratiwi called me to announce the news); "What?! This can't be happening, like, I did not know that Dala Uleng was having a serious relationship with anybody, and now, planning a wedding?.. whattttt?" The other reason why I was so shocked, was that because, the wedding was about four days from that day Muthia rang me.. Holy smackers, Dala Uleng!

Then I went to her wedding, (this was about three weeks ago, sorry, not very much an update ;p) with loads of others, my fellow classmates of Dictator 03, both the already-graduated ones and the not-just-yet graduated ones. hehehe.. Dala looked so beautiful in a traditional buginese wedding gown.. I don't know what it is called, Baju Bodo? hehehe.. and her groom, looked good aswell, he loooked ecstatic.. hehehe.. Dala Uleng, I just could not believe you kept your friggin mouth shut about your wedding plans! nobody knew!

Since all of us are now torn apart, and everybody is busy with their own business, we, the Dictator 03 friends, took advantage of our presence at Dala's wedding, and decided to go for a studio photo shoot to memorize this "rare" meeting of ours.. hehehe.. Well, cheer to you all again, and to Dala Uleng, Enjoy Each Moment of The Marriage Of Yours.. It's Going To Be A Challenge, Dala.. and I know so damn well that you are so much going to take advantage of this Rainy season of Indonesia... I know that, ! hehehhee.!!!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Dala Uleng Shocking News...!

Urhm Urhmm.. No rain, No storms, I was so shocked, literally to find out that Andi Dala Uleng, the Tomb Raider's Lara Croft of International Relations: Dictator 03 Unhas was going to be married.. I was like (when Muthia Pratiwi called me to announce the news); "What?! This can't be happening, like, I did not know that Dala Uleng was having a serious relationship with anybody, and now, planning a wedding?.. whattttt?" The other reason why I was so shocked, was that because, the wedding was about four days from that day Muthia rang me.. Holy smackers, Dala Uleng!

Then I went to her wedding, (this was about three weeks ago, sorry, not very much an update ;p) with loads of others, my fellow classmates of Dictator 03, both the already-graduated ones and the not-just-yet graduated ones. hehehe.. Dala looked so beautiful in a traditional buginese wedding gown.. I don't know what it is called, Baju Bodo? hehehe.. and her groom, looked good aswell, he loooked ecstatic.. hehehe.. Dala Uleng, I just could not believe you kept your friggin mouth shut about your wedding plans! nobody knew!

Since all of us are now torn apart, and everybody is busy with their own business, we, the Dictator 03 friends, took advantage of our presence at Dala's wedding, and decided to go for a studio photo shoot to memorize this "rare" meeting of ours.. hehehe.. Well, cheer to you all again, and to Dala Uleng, Enjoy Each Moment of The Marriage Of Yours.. It's Going To Be A Challenge, Dala.. and I know so damn well that you are so much going to take advantage of this Rainy season of Indonesia... I know that, ! hehehhee.!!!

National Treasure: Book Of Secrets

Gosh, Hasn't been writing blogs for ages now... ok, I watched this movie, National Treasure: The Book of Secrets this week, and I thought it was a nice choice, well it was the best choice, rather than opted to watch such movies like Film Horror or Beranak Dalam Kubur or even Miracle... man, oh man.. those three are just whacked pieces of movies..

oK, this sequel of National Treasure, still starred by Nicholas Cage as Ben Gates.. Honestly, I remember the original version of the movie.. um, vaguely.. it was back on 2004 right? I did not remember much, but gosh, I still got to watch the movie, particularly because, I saw the name of my fave. actress Helen Mirren.. and Ed Harris, was also starring in this movie.. And, I did not read or hear anything about this sequel before, mainly because I was not paying that much attention to what's buzzing in Hollywood these days hehehe..

So after I watched the movies, of course, there are loads of question marks in my head, particularly because I did not know a lot about the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln by an actor named John Wilkes Booth. The storyline is about a new proof from the Ed Harris' character, Mitch Wilkinson that the mastermind of the assassination of the President Lincoln is none other than Thomas Gates, the great-great grandfather of Ben Gates (Nicholas Cage).. for that reason, Ben Gates tries anything and everything to prove the innocence of his great-great grandfather.. despite all of the obstacles.. All those ultimately leads Gates and his "entourage" to an unknown abundant of treasure in Mount Vernon..

Now, Cage, being an unbelievably curious-and-seek-for-truth man, leads him to find evidences in such unbelivable places like the Buckingham Palace in England and inside the Oval Office, The White House in Washington D.C., even, "kidnapping" the President of The U.S.A. Well, I thought the movie was a good, until I seen those three scenes, and I thought to myself, gosh, aren't these scenes are kind of impossible.. Especially the scene when Gates and Diane Kruger's character Abigail tried their way to enter the Oval Office to seek for evidences with the single help of Abigail's boyfriend.. I was like, are you kidding me? ... But one thing I must admire is the fire-burning desire of Ben Gates to prove the innocence of his great-great grandfather.. I mean, how can you find person like that these days?? hehehe... and Mitch Wilkinson (Ed Harris' character) burning desire to have his name written in the history to be the man to find the hidden treasure.. tsk tsk tsk... Niat Banget yaaaa....

The bottom line, is this movie is an awesome one, honestly, I loved it so much, the action, the storylines, the awesome Helen Mirren, This is a must-watched-movie, I was not regretting anything watching this movie, just a little, um, critic there but i don't think it matter, the movie's awesome and who am I to judge anything? hehehe.. National Treasure: The Book of Secrets

Monday, December 3, 2007

LOI 2007.

Latihan Orientasi Ilmiah.. or Scientific Orientation Program is an annual program held by the Association of International Relations Students of Hasanuddin University.. The aim of the program is, to provide an official forum for the brand new generations (or the new students of IR), where they can learn about the recent developments regarding the International Relations, as well as building a new perspectives and provide a new way of thinking or paradigm for the students, in terms of analyzing the recent conditions of the world.. To provide all those, the senior students of the IR invited some of top speakers, who are related to the subject study of the International Relations, who are capable, not to mention, experts, in their league.. This program runs for normally three days..

This year's LOI was held at LEC Baruga, in Antang district.. the class of 2007, or the new students of IR, attended the program, they were enthusiastically followed each and every subject that is brought by the speakers.. The wide range of subjects, but still in the scope of the International Relations. like Globalization, Climate Change, or Great Struggles of People, just to name a few.. I based my assessment about the new students' being enthusiastic about the forum on the questions, that are mainly asked in the interactive sessions, on each subjects.. The bottom line, is I was glad, not just because I, myself have again, gained new line of brothers and sisters, but they are all intelligent aswell, not mention, critics..

Here are some of photos that was taken from the forum of the LOI..

the forum of LOI on Day 2. Acha speaks his mind.
LOI participants having discussions.
Having a light time during the forum.
once in a lifetime, forum of LOI

Friday, November 30, 2007

Quickie Express' Experience

oK, this is an interesting one. My friend Isma two nights ago was so frantic, not to mention histerically text messaged me, particularly wanted me to watch the movie called Quickie Express As Soon As Possible, she said. When I asked what this movie's about, she was like, kind of saying that the movie is the corkiest and the closest-to-be-a-porn Indonesian movie she has seen so far... That statement of course made me curious in a weird kind of way.... and when she said that Tora Sudiro is the leading role of the movie, I was like, "no kidding.." Then I promised her that I'll watch movie tomorrow (or yesterday now). Isma closed the text messaging saying "Yes, you've got to watch it like, Tomorrow, because I know that this movie is going to be a controversial one, it's only about time that MUI (Majelis Ulama Indonesia) going to ban this movie."

Well, I could not help my curiosity, and then I went to watch the movie with Ancha and Andhyka the next day.. They were also curious about the movie. I was sooo.... shocked about this movie, depicting a story about a guy's experience to become a Gigolo.. HAHAHAHAHA... of course.. I was a bit thrilled for the fact that this movie is in the genre of Comedy... I could not imagine if it were other genres.. hehehehe.. Well, it was funny as hell of course, but still, a very controversial movie.. Amink and Lukman Sardi, also played as two rookie gigolos, as well as Tora Sudiro, played so very funny.. Amink in particular did a great job, acting as a true and real Guy.. hehehhe.. I was shocked however, to Ira Maya Sopha.. a senior Indonesian actress, and a former child singer, who played as a Client of Tora Sudiro's character, and they were literally, were having foreplays... tsk tsk tsk.. but, it was a great act by her.. Well I was totally speechless after I watched the movie, it was ridiculous and funny as hell, but also a controversial one.. I mentioned this alot now.. hehehhee... The message that was brought by this movie is, I'll sum it up...... umm.. "Do not even dare to fall in love if you are a Gigolo.. It is not that it is impossible for you to feel that you are fall for it, it is because that no one is going to believe that you're capable to fall for it, because of what you are.." hahahhahaha.... I think Andhyka agrees with me...

Ok here's a trailer of the movie.. Hope you'll like it!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Celebration(s) of Cucan & Aldy

So much fun again.. gooo Hi-Ers!!!!
Nurshan "Chucan" Kamarullah. and M. Rizaldy "Aldy" Musyafir Kelana are two lovebirds of The International Relations students.. Their relationship has lasted for about 2 or 3 years now... I was pretty excited for the fact that they "invited" me to a party that was going to be held at Cucan's place a few days ago (Monday, 26/11/07)... I had my own little suspicious minds, because I was torn, I mean, what were they going to celebrate? Maybe.. they were celebrating their Graduations from college, But what about they were saving a surprise of maybe a little.. hidden Engagement party they were going to announce?!?!?!?!.. So, to prove my suspicious mind, I went there to Cucan's place with Comrade Bobby-Nitha and Andhyka... When we got there, there were couple friends arrived before us; Eka, Edy, Ridha, and Andicted, and of course Aldy..
Andhyka with Comrade Bobby and Nitha.

Ridha, mango juice, and notorious vicious Andicted

We had a lot of nice chats, most of them we poked fun at Eddy Syumardi Syamsu, who just arrived Makassar, after a few months in Singapore "S'Po" hahaha... He's taking his Master's Degree in a famous university there, majoring in Fashions.. or what? I was not paying attention really, but it might be true because of the fact that I have known for a long time that Eddy has a pretty serious attention towards the latest fashion.. like Versace, Gucci, Chanel, D&G, but Eddy's favourite fashion brand is of course... Louis Vuitton... Gosh.. what a unique kind of Human Eddy Sumardy Syamsu is...
Ekha with.. the S'Po Luis VuittonER, Eddy Syumardi Syamsu

Aunt Fien (Cucan's mom) as usual, made us nice homemade Pangsit Noodle which I DUG too much, It was so freaking delicious, that I could not eat just one bowl portion of noodles I had three hahhahaa.. I had to eat two.. hehehe just like Ridha... Then, there came Muthe (who, almost about to ruin my day because of her being so much demanding like usual.. hehehe), Kanda Abdurrahman "Chase-m" Kasim with Suryani "Reigme" and another pair by the name of Andi Tenri "UQ" Sukri Pangerang and our beloved civil servant, M. Amri... It was a very showering afternoon.. raining all freaking day.. but our time was so much brighter than the day.. because like always, we had fun, we had great conversations, and the most important thing is the fact that we celebrated two of our newest graduations of International Relations.. Best of luck to Cucan and Aldy!!!! Wish you two a happy.. umm.. Life ahead, Love you both!!

Chucank & Aldy.. CongratuLationS..! For.. Um..
Comrade Bobby, camera-shy Chase-m and 2-days no bath Andhyka

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Radja Bakso (Meatball)

the inside of Radja Bakso...
Just.. ecstatic.. so delicious..

Most of you people have watched that kind of delicacy tasting show, it is called "Wisata Kuliner" the famous tagline of the show is "Whooaa.. Ma'nyus!" hehehhe.. I went to try for a little Wisata Kuliner myself, and there's some bakso (meatball) restaurant just opened at Losari Beach, it is located right in front of the Anjungan Losari Beach. Isma, my friend, who recently just got engaged, introduce me the restaurant.. She was like "Riyo, you've got to taste the Cheese bakso..! I tasted it and I could barely talk, it's so good,!" well, She knows my weak spots.. I mean, I can never say no to try new when it comes to food.. Hehehehe.. So I went there, two days ago, with her and some other friends.. and after I taste the cheese Bakso, wow.. it was.. so good.. delicious.. it was unbearable.. hehehhee... Well I might sound I'm exaggerating, but guys, you've got to try it.. It's so good..
can you see the cheese? it's not yolk of eggs!

Yesterday, I could not help it, I felt like I got addicted to it already, and I went there Again, with Dede and Andhyka.. and they loved it too.. I told Andhyka that I've got to write this and post on blogs, but he said that I should not do that, since the manager of the restaurant would not pay the advertisement for me. Hahahha.. come on, I am not trying to help them.. I am trying to help you guys, who's always eager to try something new, please do come to the Radja Bakso, darn it.. If you don't like cheese, there are tons of other bakso flavor you've got to try.. Like shrimp bakso, squid bakso, fish bakso, sausage bakso.... Ok, my mouth is flooding with saliva now.. sorry.. hehehe.. Ok.. you Got to try this...!

andhyka's having time of his life

Monday, November 19, 2007

Blake: Beatboxer's Breakthrough

Alright, the wait's finally over. For those of you who were a huge fan of Mr. Blake Lewis, second finisher of the current installment of American Idol, his new single is finally here. I must say, I like this piece at the first moment I was listening it. His first album, I bet the album's going to be a blast! the album is called Audio Day Dream or A.D.D... well, I have no idea what is the meaning behind this title, but I am looking forward for the album to be released. I only have the cover of the album, and it is totally fresh and new, it's so different from everything else out there. Ok for now, if you want to have the first piece of Idol's best Beatboxer, Have it your way, feel free to download the track.!

Or click this if you want to have the Lyrics of Break Anotha.

If you want more information about him, go to Blake Lewis' Myspace page.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

I Like Watching Tennis, You Like Watching Soccer, Fair, Right?!

It is undeniable for the fact that the majority of people would immediately say "soccer tournaments and matches!" when they are being asked about their favorite sports programs. Some might even say soccer unites the world. Yes, it is possible, I won’t argue that. I also happened to watches some matches on tv every now and then. It is just, if I am being asked about my favorite sports program, on tv, I would say tennis matches. Some friends of mine find it odd, me watching tennis matches. That is why, I think it is important for me to write this, because, basically, tennis matches for me, is enjoyable to watch and I don’t think there’s nothing wrong about it.

I happen to watch tennis tournaments on cable tv, because none of them local tv stations decided to broadcast them, because, basically tennis matches don’t really gain much ratings. Ok, tennis professional associations are divided by genders; ATP for men and WTA for women. Star Sports (tv station on cable that usually broadcast tennis tournaments) usually broadcast only ATP tournaments, so I happen to watch a lot of ATP matches. An ATP season runs almost a full year, from January to November each year. There are three stages on ATP; Grand Slams, ATP Masters-Series, and ATP Tournaments. There are four Grand Slams; Australian Open, Roland Garros (French Open), Wimbledon and U.S. Open. Grand Slams and all other tennis tournaments are spread through all parts of the world, that’s why when someone turns to a professional tennis player, then it is said that he’s joining ATP or WTA Tour.

I think it is obviously enjoyable and also entertaining, watching tennis matches. Well, of course, first you are going to have to pick your favorite tennis player. For me, I do not usually gunning for a dominant player like Roger Federer from Switzerland and Rafael Nadal from Spain (World No. 1 and 2), Lately I like the style of a new dominant player from Serbia, Novak Djokovic, but last year I was up for David Nalbandian. Second, if you’re really rooting for the player, you’re going to cheer every time he gains a point, or cringe every time he lose a point. And I know there are some points that are really cheap, or points that gained by the mistakes of one of the two players, but there will be a time when a really well-earned point is achieved, that’s when you’re going to have yourself entertained by tennis match. It is like when you are watching soccer match, it is impossible for you to be entertained right from the match starts until the match ends. There will be times when you’re entertained, that is when a goal is scored, and I don’t think that there are more than 5 goals is scored in a professional soccer match. Right? So do not judge a person for having a different taste of sport, just because the sport is not dominant. It is personal taste, man. You like soccer, I like tennis. Fair, right?

By the way, my last year’s favorite, David Nalbandian unfortunately did not do well on this season’s on ATP, just until a week ago when he defeated world number 1 Roger Federer in Madrid Tennis Masters. That is Nalbandian’s first Masters single although he already won a Tennis Masters Cup (a season ending tournament usually held in Shanghai, China or Houston, U.S.A . only the 8 top tennis player to be participated in a Round Robin system) title a few years ago. Nalbandian will not qualify for Tennis Masters Cup this year, but at least it’s awesome that he finally wins a Masters Series tournament. I basically like his style of tennis, he does not get ruffle easily, and he knows when to strike and when to fold, and he's a player that does not get flared up easily. He's style in tennis, he does not serve like Andy Roddick or Roger Federer, he always force his opponent to play for long rallies, and when he sees his opponent down, he's ready to strike!.. His weapon is his ability to force his opponent to play from the baseline. and he's so awesome with his backhand shots. Just awesome. And what I admire the most from David Nalbandian, is that he's the only two player (beside Rafael Nadal) to have a very competitive head-to-head scores with Roger Federer, and he's the only one of two active tennis players (beside Rogert Federer) who have reached the Semi-Final of All Four GrandSlams!

David Nalbandian greets his entourage after a great win over Federer.

David Nalbandian lifts up his first ATP Masters-Series trophy

David Nalbandian claimed back-to-back ATP Masters Series titles with a 6-4, 6-0 victory over World No. 2 Rafael Nadal in the final of the Paris Tennis Masters Series on Sunday 4/11/2007. Not only is Nalbandian the first player to defeat World No. 1 Roger Federer and World No. 2 Rafael Nadal in the same tournament twice, he also becomes the first man to defeat them both in a final. David played an amazing tennis this last two weeks, He won two Masters-Series, back-to-back, he defeated world No.1 and 2 back-to-back. With his backhand shots and a huge amount of confidence, David, he's ready for Tennis Masters Cup Shanghai, I just hope he's going to be qualified. He's number 9 on ATP Race now, I hope one of 8 players will disqualify themselves for whatever reasons, David is the best! He's definetely back! he's absolutely one of the best tennis players in the world, No doubt about that!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

At Celebes Convention Centre

Last night, (Saturday, 27/10/07) I was invited by my dad to accompany him to go to a wedding reception. Actually I was not really keen, going to a wedding reception with my dad, particularly because he likes to poke fun about me to his relations and friends and family that he met at the wedding. When he does that, all I can do is just put the fakest smile I can muster, and I do not like being fake. Hehehe.

But when I was told that the wedding is Melinda Aksa’s (daughter of one rich entrepreneur and deputy of the nation’s House of Representative, Aksa Mahmur) wedding, I thought that it would be cool, because I’ll be able to meet my cousins and other families. Besides, Melinda is the one who helped to be getting enrolled as an intern at Deplu (Dept. of Foreign Affairs) a few months back. But the coolest thing is that the wedding reception was going to be held at CCC or Celebes Convention Centre, located at Tanjung Bunga area, it is a brand new massive building, and this wedding reception apparantly is its first gig. I have read from the paper that this building have cost roughly Rp. 60 billion. Well, no more thinking, I was on my way instantly. “Let’s go, dad.”
When I got there, the place was.. darn.. the building is huge, and, just… abundant of people were there… wheww… At.. the parking lot.. When I got inside the building, its great hall to be exact, it was like, darn.. I thought there were thousands of people there.. And then, I saw a long lines of people, queueing for a chance to shake the newlyweds’ hands to congratulate them… And then, I saw a lot of public figures, and politicans, and celebrities,.. well, this is one hell of a wedding.. The hall was designed elegantly, with a huge huge curtain above, and fabulous food.. awesome awesome.. I regret it for the fact that I did not bring my digital camera, I only had my cellphone to take pics L but it’s ok at least I had a piece of what this brand new pride of Makassar has to offer. And I met my friends there, too, and sure, my cousin, and a cousin that I have not met before, his name was Raviq, a son of my dad’s cousin. He lives in Jakarta, that’s why I never met him. he was so friendly, and it did not take long to get into great conversation with him. Normally I have always had rough time, trying to get into conversation with a new person I just met, but this kid, Raviq, lights me up and he cracks me up. I’ll look forward for another time meeting him again. But beneath all, the wedding was awesome, the building was just.. unbelievable.!

with Raviq, the cousin I have never met before

Friday, October 26, 2007

Timbaland Feat. OneRepublic - Apologize

It's been quite awhile I haven't heard a song that really strucked me.. This track is called Apologize, by Timbaland featuring OneRepublic. Yes, at first I found it pretty odd for the fact that Timbaland "sing" this song, this is one umm... I did not think that this track is that kind of track that suits the style of music of Timbaland. This is the third single from his album, Timbaland Presents ... Shock Value, and I was a bit bitter about this album, because listening to its first two singles; Give It To Me (featured Justin & Nelly Furtado) and The Way I Are (featured Keri Hilson), I came up with a conclusion that this album is just another rap, hip hop album. BUT! after I listen to this piece, Apologize.. I thought that Timbaland and this upcoming pop rock band, called OneRepublic is really going to give a slam dunk hit!, .... This is one Awesome track!Just, awesome, awesome lyric, awesome rhtyhm, awesome voice, awesome arragement, everything you want in a song, there's in this track.. Furthermore, I think that this upcoming band OneRepublic is going to go for a success, I can't wait for their album to be released this November, called Dreaming Out Loud...

So if you want another piece of it, have it downloaded, Timbaland featuring OneRepublic - Apologize monggo

And here is the lyric of Timbaland featuring OneRepublic's Apologize.

Or if you want to watch the music video, here's the link on YouTube.... Timbaland featuring OneRepublic - Apologize (Music Video)

For more informations, just visit Timbaland's Official Site or OneRepublic's MySpace page.

Feel free to give a feedback!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

TV Shows Thumbsdown

Man, oh man. I found this so very ironic. Last night I realized it that the tv program in all the tv stations in Indonesia, particularly in the primetime segment (from 7 to 10pm) was all so very, absolutely pathetic. Well, I know, complaining or even cursing is not the best thing for anyone to do, but I could not help it, others might have better solution, which is, “just turn off the damn tv, if you do not like what you’re watching!” Well, yes I could, but, I just want to point something out for the fact that we have serious problems regarding the tv programs particularly at the primetime segment.

What is the problem anyway? It looks like everything is fine, you can just watch the sinetron, or Indonesian tv series, or whatever, I don’t know what to call it, but I think that is the main problem. It is because I just do not think that we have something to be proud of regarding all those things we watch. Here’s why. First, I just want to bring it back to the basics for the fact that the sinetron is somekind of, branch, of art. Like screen art. But what I see on tv nowadays, art, I think is the furthest thing of what sinetron has to offer. I mean, how do you extract the sense of art from those things we watch on tv at the primetime segment? Most of them depicts a story of a female teenager who is having all kind of misfortunes in her life. Not to mention all those villains who always screams on the top of their lungs, with those huge evil eyes, and literally, abuse the main character throughout. I mean, it is absolutely ok if there are one of two of them with the same story lines, but for the love of God, they are all like that, in almost all tv stations. And, the worst thing is, all of those sinetrons are a regular fixture at primetime segment 7 days a week! Gimme a break!

Second, the impact to those who watch those kind of shows. What I mean is, most of those shows bring a high rating to the tv stations because, most of people, particularly women and teenagers love to watch those kind of shows. That is what matter, rating. To those tv stations. But what about the people who are watching? They are going to be poisoned with the same storylines that depicts people who are being abused and tortured every single day. What do they gain, watching those kinds of shows? this is so pathetic I can't barely speak. I wish I could bring any sollution in this, I am sorry for complaining like this, most of you must be thinking that I'm a miserable-know-it-all, but I am just voicing my point for the fact that we need to bring this up, tv stations and production houses should come up with something more more creative, in order to bring good impact for the public who watch the tv shows. Aaaaaargghh..!!!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Ridiculous Ruli

Ruli is my friend, he's also happened to be a family of mine. He's ridiculous, I can't even tell you, I just like to laugh on everything that he says and everything that he does, although, there are times when I'm really sure that he's more than just a ridiculous guy. His thoughts about things sometimes are beyond my comprehension, and I just want to state that, when people say "do not judge the book by its cover" it is absolutely true. He's always fresh on thoughts, and always hilarious. Ruli is now applying for a scholarship for his Master's degree, maybe in some country in Europe.. Some friends like LaOde M. Syafaat have this kind of prophecy that Ruli is really keen to apply for a Master's degree in the country of Netherlands, and someday is going to plan a wedding there... Hehehehe... Ruli.. if that is true, good luck on you buddy... For now, enjoy your pic.!

Sharee Sadness

Muthia, Sharee, Isma, Mario, and Uq...
Muthia.. what's that face?, Sharee, Mario, Uq
Andyka, Uq, and... the newly engaged Isma.

Muthia, Saddat, Mario, Sharee at Cafe de Coral

Sharee, she’s one of my really best friend. It’s been almost five years, and there was always a blast, being friends with her. Her bubbly character, sometimes, she’s the best. I loved it when she’s having a tough time following the path of my conversation with her, the look on her face, look of confusion.. hahaha.. gosh, I’ll always love her, she’s special.

She’s now already left Makassar, she’s back to her family in Jakarta, she lives there, she was only here for her study, and it’s already accomplished now, she’s now ready for a new chapter of her life. She was throwing this lunch with me and other best friends (Muthia, Isma (somebody's enganged now), Ridha, Nur"cuchan"shan, Saddat, Uq, Andhyka) of hers on Thursday this week, and she planned to fly home to Jakarta the next day. So it was kind of our last-memorable-moment with Sharee, and well, I just hope that that was not going to be the last time for me to see her. Lunch at CafĂ© de Coral, karaoke at E-Club, then we went to Saddat's house... but one of us were kind of nervous going to his house, I wonder who that might be hahahahaha.... and finally, we decided to go to the beach, we thought that it was going to be a special place for us to have our last moments with Sharee, but, unfortunately, there were some music concerts held, but it’s ok, we thought that we could enjoy it, why not, but it turned to a complete let down, like, a huge disappointment. I was like, I was about to kill someone, when we found out that it was the music concert of the most distasteful band in the universe, Radja.
Nevertheless, Sharee, you’re amazing, you’re lovely, you’re the best, you’re beautiful, love you so much, see you next time…. By the way, other friends, especially those who did not have the chance to at least say goodbye to you have told me that they were sorry they could not attend, and they love you… Thanks for being an amazing sister for me, Sharee. Never forget me.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Dictators' Dine Out

It is still Ramadhan, the month in Islamic calendar where we’re as Muslims are obliged to fast for the whole 30 days of the month. fasting, in this, means that we’re going to have to hold and press all of the desire in ourselves, like the hunger, thirsts, angers, desire to lie and gossip, as well as to hold our desire of being too close to the opposite sex. You know what I mean, hehehehe….. All of those basic human desire we would have to hold from the sun rises until the sun sets.. so there’s a ritual, before the sun rises, we do Sahur, or you can say early breakfast, and when the sun sets, there’s also ritual, called Buka Puasa, or you can say early dinner, where we can drink and eat again, until the sun rises again the next morning.

It is a custom in our International Relations Students Associations in every Ramadhan, that each class throws a Buka Puasa gig, so every students from all classes can attend, however for this year, it is not so very much the case of IR students of class of Dictator 2003. It is so unfortunate for the fact that we are not a whole anymore, because some of our members have already graduated, so we were not sure that we can throw a Buka Puasa gig for everyone anymore.
However, we tried to think something else. Maybe we could just gather, ourselves, whole Dictators, graduated and not-yet graduated, hehehe, we can make it ourselves, Buka Puasa in a restaurant maybe. So yes, yesterday, 4/10/2007 we held our Dictator 03 Buka Puasa at Bakso Lapangan Tembak restaurant at Mal Panakukang. So here it goes, a little glimpse of it.

Me, Sharee, Cucan, and a creature that I don’t feel like to mention her name, were the first four in the restaurant, and there was Andicted, Uq, Ancha, Muthe, who came with her boyfriend Sadat, and his brother, Ikal, and there also was, Edy, who wore a very, well, I thought it was an odd attire of his, but it was apparently the fashion that he is into… ok,and there was, Chakra, Isma, who finally is home from her project in an NGO in South East Sulawesi, she came with her new boyfriend, but he was not in the restaurant, what the…? Ok, continue…. Makmur and Santhi, Rusdin, and finally Andika, who came after some of us have already left… Andika apparently brought someone that I did not recognize.. erhmm erhmm.. who was she, Andika? Hehehehe.. good on you, though.. better than none, right!

So we all got into nice conversations, and jokes, of course, we were glad that we are still able to throw this, despite of us not being whole 49 people, but we were good, it was a good time, I would love to do that again, Love to you all, cheers to Dictators!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sahur (Late Supper or Early Breakfast?)

What is the definitions of Sahur in English? I am not that sure :( is it Early Breakfast or Late Supper? It does not matter anyway, me and some of my friends (Amri, Uq, Andhyka and D "Man With Perversion Mind") went out this morning 30/09/07 to have a Sahur together, it was definetely a fun times, but it was also a so very exhaustion time, because the fact that we had to get up at 2.30 in the morning and drove, and find a local restaurant to have a sahur.

Originally we wanted to have some local food like "Sari Laut" or Local Seafood, but we found out that most of them are just "run out" or you can say sold out, regarding their food, so we had no choice but to go to the Maccas or McD... when we got there, the place were so full with people, mostly teenagers, who were having sahur aswell.. it was a fun time though, we poked jokes, made fun with each other, and we enjoyed the "junk meal" we had..

After having Sahur, we went to the Losari Beach. there were just abundant of people, most of them teenagers obviously; we forgot the fact that this was a Sunday morning, so no kidding. the place was full with them. it was a nice time, though would love to have a sahur with my buddies again.. next time, we better have a decent plan before we go out.. for sure.!

Friday, September 28, 2007

July-August Department of Foreign Affairs Internships (Part II)

Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. people have always said that it’s not easy living in Jakarta, it is ridiculously hard. Living in Jakarta is either make you or break you. It’s going to make you should you choose to have a motivation of hard work and focus on whatever you are doing, and it is going to break you if you are lazy and do not have a constant focus on whatever you are doing.

I have elaborated my experience working on a daily basis at Deplu before, now let me share a little glimpse of myself living in Jakarta for two months. Before the day I decided to take this program of Internship, being away from home and to live in a completely new surroundings was definitely a concern for me. But as they say, a man will have to eventually stand up for himself, so, not only that I decided to take it to get the internship subject done, i too want to experience living on my own, and find out if I really tough enough to live in this mean city, ultimately.

The first three weeks was definitely a challenge, because I found it so very difficult to be enrolled as an intern at Deplu, but at the end of third week, I was finally accepted. And I have said it, it was all a blast, being an intern at Deplu, I enjoyed every minute of it. But on the other hand, i have never felt a sense of loneliness in my life, I know that is absolutely the consequences of living too far apart from family and friends, but I think I have managed to control it. It was ironic by the way, because I had a partner living with me, but it did not matter, because I felt like I was all by myself. Well, a visit of friends from Makassar like Dea, Citra, who were there for a vaca, and Uq, Aldy, Cucan, Achie, who visited Jakarta to collect more sources and materials for their researches, Yido and Ridjat, who were also friends from IR Hasanuddin Univ, who were also got enrolled at Deplu, and the fact that the hilarious Ruli also visited, and decided to live with me at the last week, was an absolute fresh air. But aside of those, it was an absolute mind-torturing, it was a mental challenge, and it was a frustration not having someone to cling into.

I have always had focus on my mind that I was in Jakarta to get this internship done, focus on it, period. And also, how am I going to gain experiences, make friends with co-workers, who are so unbelievably competent and smart… ultimately, I was there to learn first and foremost. So it annoyed me, when there was someone who did not give it the a real focus at this, who focus it all on how to get as much fun as possibly could, instead of focusing on this internship, it was so obnoxious that at one point I felt like I have had it. I was so disappointed that I felt like myself is the only team-member. Well eventually, I just put it in my mind, that I didn’t have to give shit about another one’s problem. Just go have fun as much as you possibly could, after all, I found out that it was really down to you and yourself.

So, finally, it was an amazing time working at Deplu, To Pak Muis, thanks for helping me get enrolled to be an intern, Pak Budimansyah, chief of Sub-Directorate Visa at Deplu for his kindness and support and the huge opportunity you have given me to be working in the sub-directorate that you lead, Pak Eddy, he’s a great person who have always helped me and encouraged me, and he really was, like a parent of mine. Pak Basuki, Mas Jimi, Mas Prima, and Mas Jopkie, thank you for all the laughter and fun you all brought, you have all always cheered me up, and last but absolutely not least, to Senor Kurniawan, who always share experiences to me, always open for discussions with me, thank you so much for the Spanish lesson.. Muchas Gracias Por Todos, and thank you for the call the other day.. Working at Deplu, it was, a blast. I will look forward to be working with you all again in the future.. Thank you so much, and God Bless you all…

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Heroes .. Season 2 .. When ...?

Heroes, a phenomenal tv series.. The show just made me absolutely adhered to my tv screen this year.. This was awesome, I never thought of a drama series about superhuman abilities, and they made a plot, story of each character.. under the shade of the tagline of .. "Save The Cheerleader, Save The World..." Four thumbs and toes up..! and now they are going back for the second season, well, I am sure most of them are back! Hiro, Peter, Niki, Micah, Parkman, Shuresh, Nathan, Claire etc., they are all amazing!... And for sure, there are going to be new characters aswell, so if they are creating new characters, what kind of superpower would you want them to have?? would you suggest one, come on, there gotta be Heroes fans in here!... I would want.. a male character with a superpower ability to speak animal languages hehehe or a female character with a superpower ability to move so fast that eyes can't even catch seeing it.. heheh what about you???

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tribute To Fellow Graduated Dictator'03

Dictator’03 is the name of the class of 2003 of the International Relations department, faculty of Social and Politic Science, Hasanuddin Univ. Dictator’03 had 49 students. I am one of the student, and I must admit, I met some unbelievably amazing people and I developed the best friendship I have ever built with all of my fellow Dictators. I am so very very proud, to be one of those 49 people, in the shade of the name Dictator 03.

It has been four years already, and we all enjoyed the every single time we had been through, despite all of the bickering, tensions, and stress of the study, it was all amazing four years. However, this year, our fellow Dictators have been dramatically reduced due to some of them decided that it was time to get graduated, for the sake of the next chapter of their life, and not being stucked for another period of semester being in Int’l Relations study. Well, I wish, and I know that they are going to be successful on the next step of their life, whether, they’re going working at the professional work environment, working from 9 to 5 maybe, or, decided to get married. Well, all of them are amazing and they’re going to be awesome I know they are. So here we go, I’ll just mention them, my beloved brothers and sisters who already graduated this year, and I just want to say in advance, that I love you all, you were the best, and I will never ever forget the fact that you were always on my mind, and also, in my heart.

Harnita Rahman. She’s one of the littlest persons in the Dictator 03, however don’t let her fool you, she’s maybe the littlest person, but she has an enormous amount of brain weight. She’s a little screeching in her voice hehehe but that’s what I love about her. She has the most down-to-earth personality, and she was the first of 49 Dictators who graduated, March this year, so I have the biggest respect for her. Nitha, if you read this, I want to say thank you for being my friend, thanks for being my sister, and we have many things in common, we’re from the same ethnic background, we’re from the town of Bone… hehehhee..

Nining Pratiwi. Ok this one, she had a rough time at the beginning of our first semester, at the Ospek, or the orientation program for new students, because the fact that she’s not a native Makassar, she’s from the capital city. Hehehe, this one, just like Nitha, has a more-than-average pitch of voice, but that’s what I like about her aswell hehehe. The thing that I admire the most from her, that the time of her in Makassar for the past 4 years, she was not only here to accomplish her study, but she also grew up as a woman. Nining, we had an amazing time when I was in Jakarta in August this year, and I hope, that that was not going to be my last time seeing you. Love you, sister.

Yandri Mono. Everytime I hear the name of this guy, he cracks me up. I could never ever forget the fact that he told everyone in a forum at the beginning of our first semester, that the reason he chose IR to be his discipline study is because the fact that it is only take short distance from his place to get to. Hahahaha. Well, for sure, do not judge a book from its cover. It begun from a hilarious answer of his, and now, he announce that he’s being the first guy of Dictator to be graduated. Well, good on you then, bro!

Nur Isma Ansari.. well, this is one of the best friends of mine in Dictator’03. There are just loads about her and I wish I could write all of them. She’s ridiculous, she’s hilarious, she’s smart as hell, and the thing that I always admire about her, is that she has a charisma, a charm about her. I don’t know about how to judge whether a person have a charisma or not, but this girl, I admit that I see a charisma in her. what made me come up with that kind of assessment about her? I don’t know. Unexplainable. That’s just the way she is. Well, she has a list of Ex-es.. hahaha.. and she one time asked me to translate her love letter to one of her Ex-es into English. Hahahhaha.. she’s now working for a Non-Governmental Organization, not sure what it is called, but I know that she’s going to be excelled on that path should she choose it. Isma, baby, love you to death, you’re the best, never forget me when you’re ‘Become’. One last word: work it out more on your English,babe!

WaOde Syarifah Kasmia. I must tell ya, Dictator’03 is known for its colorful people. This one for example. Hahaha. She’s not very articulated the way she speaks.. hahaha. Often times she stumbles on a word that she can not pronounce. Well, I would not say that as a negative of her, because that’s what makes her unique. She’s also from the capital, like Nining. Recently, she’s linked to one of my highschool fellow, and, well congratulations for that. Hehehehe. I heard that you’re going to go back to the capital.. Sharee… I’ll miss the laugh, the awkwardness of your voice. You’re going back… but your sister? Not just yet, right? She’s still here right? Hahahhaa.. just want to say, you’re amazing, you’re lovely, you are what you are. A unique kind of girl.

Edy Syumardi Syamsu. Ok.. Where do I begin… I think from most my fellow Dictators, I often times got into a confrontation with this one.. I don’t know why hehehe.. well, back then, maybe I was still a precautious little monster myself, and I did not know what I was doing, but when I see this one in a manner of his “metrosexual personality”, that’s just.. hahahhaa.. Edy, bro.. how’s the 3-million-rupiah shoes are doing? They’re doing amazing right? Better take care of em good, buddy… and do not drive your car recklessly..

Tenri Ajeng. this is one of the luckiest girl. She’s married to an American Idol finalist this year named Chris Richardson. Hahaha. Jeng, he’s going to get back home from tour very soon, so prepare those extra energy you have saved for the last three months, girl. Give your best shot to the super-exhausted husband of yours. He’s been through a lot of cities in three months, for gods sakes! Hahahha. Ok. Ajeng, I just admire her for her wide knowledge of the entertainment industries. Hahaha. Whenever I meet her, there’s only one thing: laugh. But she’s also one of the most sensitive personality. She knows what she stood for, and she can’t stand associating with something that she does not feel good about. Ajeng, you’re an amazing girl, do not let anyone tell you otherwise, and always held your head high, my sister from another mother. Hahahha remember that line?

Muthia Pratiwi. Whenever I meet or hear about this girl, I feel like goosebumps for some reason. I sometimes afraid of her so-called authoritative personality. Later on, I know something. That’s is somekind of like-mother-like-daughter thing. Hahaha.. just kidding, Muthe. But yes, I must admit, everytime I get any text-message from you, I feel a sense of fear. I don’t know. It’s just something bad is going to happen to me. Hahahhaha. Just kidding again. Well she’s amazing, and she’s also smart. Back then, I always have her helped me with my homeworks, she’s nice, she’s cute, but it can turn to an exact opposite once you get her started. Hehehe. So, her long time boyfriend, Sadat, he surprised me on how well he sings, but no way, he would not beat me, so name a new competition, Mute, come on, Bring it on! Hehehe She’s a primary school teacher, which I find it so amusing, hahaha.. what are those little kids going to get through, for gods sake. hahahaha hope you’re succeed in your life, Te. And I’m expecting a wedding invitation soon ok? that’s a sincere wish from your brother here.

Ok, that’s where this ends. I am sorry for the rest of Dictators who already graduated, I can not mention you one-by-one, I am so tired of typing now hehee. Just never forget that, all those times we had spent.. the memoirs I will never ever forget till I die. Love you all.

Monday, September 24, 2007

July-August Department of Foreign Affairs Internships

July – August this year. Yes, I had spent those two months living on my own for the first time at a completely new surrounding, being in a new place, a new bigger city. It is simply called, Jakarta. I was there for a reason, I went to Deplu, or Departemen Luar Negeri or Department of Foreign Affairs for an internship program, a program coordinated by the International Relations Department at Hasanuddin University, the university where I study.

It was definitely a challenge for me mentally, because the fact that I have absolutely zero knowledge about how to work on a daily basis at Deplu, and where is the exact position that I am going to be placed at, and frankly, I knew nothing about it. But all of my anxiety was all gone in an instant at the first day of the internship.

I was placed at the Directorate of Consular Affairs at Deplu (or the so-called the public service directorate); Sub-Directorate of Visa to be exact. The first step into the office, I was literally, petrified, because, the folks were like, so mature and experienced, and they looked like they were so very competent people, and me? I am an utter- you know, rookie. But one thing that I had in mind, that partially of myself being here, was also a representation of the institution that sent me, and ultimately, they were going to determine, at the end of the day of my interns, whether I earn a satisfactory job or not, and they are going to determine whether I get the score of A, B, or God, no, it would be a total failure if I earn a C in this program. So, in order to accomplish the highest score, which is A, the last thing I wanted to do is to let those folks know that I had no idea what I was about to get myself into. Hehehehe… however the folks are so friendly, they were so generous, they were always sincerely willing to help me.. They did not treat me as if I was an utter- moron, they knew that I was there to learn, I was there to gain experiences, working at the place where I would want to work, in the future after I graduated.

So, I learned fast, hehehe.. well, I mean it.. the Sub-Directorate of Visa basically manages the visa of the foreigners who are about to travel to any parts of the country of Indonesia. however in this particular case, the foreigners specifically refer to those who are the holders of the Diplomatic Passports and Service Passports. For those who arrange a visit to Indonesia as a tourist and, substantially, the holders of Ordinary Passports, they will have to deal with the folks at Directorate of Immigration at the Departement of Laws and Human Rights.
It's fun as hell! I would love to do it again!... This has been an amazing expierience!....

To be Continued…